Motril is a town full of contrasts, where any visitor can experience endless sensations.  Colours, aromas and flavours are blended together to surprise the most seasoned traveller, who finds a real paradise for the senses in our town.


The blue sky allows the sun to shine for more than 320 days a year, illuminating the crystal-clear water of our beaches and the green of the agricultural plain, with the backdrop of the imposing Sierra Nevada. Nowhere in the world can a landscape with those characteristics be enjoyed. Privileged geographical conditions create a subtropical climate unique in Europe and the possibility of moving from sea level to 2,000 meters, where we find walking routes and trails with spectacular views.


The Motril coast offers many possibilities. From small charming coves to wide family beaches, full of activities to be enjoyed.  Water sports, enjoy barbequed sardines in the beach bar-restaurants, or just relax and go with the sound of the sea, in our beaches there are alternatives for everyone. Our beaches boast prestigious tourism quality awards due the high standard of the facilities and services offered.


Motril is made of salt and also sugar. A place where both fishing and agricultural traditions have been developed over the time on the Mediterranean coast. The cultivation of sugar cane, brought over by the Arabs, lasted for over a thousand years, and today is a real sign of identity of our town. There is an extensive cultural and architectural heritage linked to sugar cane: museums, plantations or old sugar mills and chimneys dotted over the whole town.


Motril’s gastronomy deserves a special chapter. Fish, tropical fruits and vegetables are the base of our cuisine, an excellent example of the Mediterranean diet. Mangoes, avocados, custard apples, cherry tomatoes or the well-known "quisquilla" or prawn from Motril are just some of the products that we can find. In Motril, products from the sea and the plain, are served straight to the table, and are served with care by local restaurateurs who have managed to combine the quality of fresh products with innovative recipes and presentations. We must also highlight the rum produced in distillery in Motril and the ‘Torta Real’, a unique dessert based on an ancient Arab recipe.


For all these reasons, I invite you to discover this fortunate land where the sea and mountains embrace tradition and innovation, sugar and salt. Unique experiences and sensations to be discovered. You're going to love it!