Fiestas In Honour of The Virgen of Carmen

The Virgin of Carmen is the Patron Saint of sailors, fishermen and the Spanish Armada. She is considered the faithful protector of everyone who devotes their lives to work related to the sea. For this reason, she is known as 'The Star of the Sea'. Because of the protection she offers, men and women celebrate their fiestas in her honour every 16th July.


Varadero, which is considered the seaside neighbourhood of Motril due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, worships her Patron Saint during its most popular summer fiestas in the area after the ones in honour of the Virgin of La Cabeza. It is a nearly a week of celebrations when the streets are filled with joy and music. Rides are placed to delight locals and visitors. Sports and popular food complete a great variety of activities.


The 16th is the greatest day, in which everybody wears their best clothes to go out with their Patron Saint. This emotional procession of the Virgin starts along the streets of Varadero until it reaches the Fish Market where it embarks. Then, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a maritime procession along the coast of Motril. Every year one of the fishing boats that docks in the Port of Motril is chosen to ride the Mother of sailors, an honour for fishermen who give back the Virgin of Carmen the care she provides them throughout the year.