The Earthquakes Day
13 January

On 13th January, 1804, Motril was shaken by a series of strong tremors that frightened the entire population. Some people from Motril full of faith, took their Patron Saints -Jesús Nazareno and the Virgin of the Cabeza- out in procession praying for the earthquakes to come to an end. With the sacred images out on the street, the prayers of these neighbours came true. Today, more than two centuries later, this tradition endures over time and every 13th January processions take place. Firstly, the Nazarene, which is located in the main Church of the Encarnación, goes out in procession and after him, the Virgin, located in the Cerro, starts her procession. Hundreds of devoted go out to show their devotion. The main feature of this fiesta is to see the images in a procession days after the celebration of Christmas and out of the Holy Week.