Vega of Motril
Ronda del Mediodia
18600 Motril GR

The agricultural plain of the Guadalfeo delta is the last cultural area of the sugar cane in the Continental Europe. Around 500 hectares (1, 235. 53 acres) located in the agricultural plains of Motril and Salobreña, together with other smaller nearby coastal zones, are the last remains of the cultural and ecological process which began in the 8th century. This fact has developed cultural elements which have influenced the language, social and urban organisation. Moreover, it has also defined a natural area where a great variety of fauna and flora species coexists with the traditional use of water and soil. 


Different studies have shown the rich biodiversity of this area, home to two important wetlands proposed to be included in the Andalusia wetlands inventory: the wetland of “Charca de Suárez” and Vinuesa. At present, this area is under threat because of the intensive agriculture which uses lot of plastic to cover their greenhouses and the urban development of the coast that threaten their definite destruction. 


How to get there
This great agricultural plain is found between the town of Motril and the Poniente Beach. There are different ways to access the Vega of Motril.