Tajo de los Vados Canyon
Ctra. Nacional 323
18600 Motril GR

Located to the north-western boundary, a great variety of environments can be found (slopes and rivers). The Rosmarinus Tomentosus together with different populations of Buxus Baleárica are the tip of the iceberg of the important flora which grows in this region. Along with the diversity of fauna, which counts on the presence of great vertebrates such as the Hispanic Goat, you will find a huge amount of birds like the Perdicera Eagle (Hieratus fasciatus) and the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) among others. Everything mentioned above is the reason why this natural reserve has been included in a ZEPA region (area of special protection for birds). From a geological point of view, the Tajo de los Vados Canyon is an amazing example of a karst canyon dug out by the Guadalfeo river during the last five millions of years. 


How to get there
5 kilometres (3,11 miles) from the town of Motril driving along the national road N-323 in parallel to the Guadalfeo river. To access to the Tajo de los Vados you have to leave the car in a car park located below this steep cliff.