The Karst of Calahonda
El Karst de Calahonda
18720 Calahonda GR

Recently declared Special Preservation Area inside the Nature Red 2000, it includes two zones of interest with the presence of four habitats mentioned in the Annexe I of the Habitats Directive. Among them, we can highlight the ziziphus scrubland and the non exploited cave by tourism. The karst is a kind of topography produced by the chemical water attack on limestone rocks. In the karst of Calahonda, studied by the Group of Speleologists from Motril in the year 1988, more than 100 chasms and caves have been described. Some of them with more than one kilometre tour (0. 62 miles) and depths up to 113 metres (370. 73 feet), where species adapted to the underground world live in. There you will find, some of the one-of-a kind species in the world, such as the pseudoscorpion of the Bells Cave.


How to get there
Driving along the national road N-340 in direction to Almeria, just before reaching the village of Calahonda, there is a half roundabout. Then, take it, make a stop, cross the national road and take the first exit towards Doctor Arruga Street. Afterwards, go along this street until the end where you will find a road called Camino del Puntal. Take it to the right and continue until parking the car.