Jaral Mountain Range
Ctra. de Lújar
18614 Motril GR

To the north and the east of Motril and over the highest grounds, different forested areas are located. The most important one is the Jaral Mountain Range in connection to the cork oak forest in Lújar. This is the unique area of the town where the Mediterranean forest can be found with the presence of the cork oak (Quercus suber), different varieties of pines (Pinus halepensis y Pinus Pinaster) and the carob (Ceratonia siliqua). Among the fauna, mammals such as Wild boar (Sus scrofa), Fox (Vulpes vulpes), Genet (Genetta genetta) and Jungle cat (Felyx sylvestris) together with an important bird life, make this place an ideal area for predatory birds during the Autumn migration.


How to get there
From the town of Motril in direction to the east driving along the regional road Motril-Puntalón Lujar until you reach the “Fuente del Moral” natural area.