Torta Real

The Torta Real together with Palido rum and our famous Quisquilla (prawns) are typical from our local gastronomy. The Torta Real is a delicacy of Arabic origin which has been made over five generations.

It is made of sugar, almonds and egg white. Everything mixed together in a mould, cooked over medium heat and covered by meringue. It is easy to preserve and take from one place to another. 

It has been recently when we have known about the history of the Torta Real. Due to its manufacturing process and the ingredients which have lasted over more than 500 years, it shows its Moorish origin.

An advertisement published in December 1854 by the newspaper from Granada “El Eco de la Libertad” is, until now, the most ancient reference. However, the history points it out 1840 as the year in which the name Torta Real started to be used; but, according to some sources, it was Francisco Javier de Burgos, who began to use this term, during his work as a Secretary or later as Minister for Finance. Although there are more theories, such as, the one which says that it was named after being served to the King Alfonso XII.