Walking Time: 
2hours 46 minutes (out and back)
10.40 km
Route file: 

This route winds its way through an open countryside with amazing views across the south-east Guadalfeo delta and the agricultural plain of Motril and Salobreña. This delta is formed by the huge amount of sediments brought in by the Guadalfeo river. Its waters flow at a very high speed on the upper and middle courses with small particles floating on it. As the river gradient decreases towards the mouth, the water flows at a lower speed on the lower course leading to sedimentation of particles transported by the river. Over time, this sediment deposition process results in the growth of deltas.
At the beginning of this route, you will have the opportunity to see a repopulation of different species such as Holm oaks, cork oaks, carob trees, Aleppo and stone pines, lavender, fan palm and broom.
The Cortijo Burgos is a 19th century building. Among the architectural elements preserved, we can highlight the aqueduct that was built to supply drinking water.
Cortijo de Alcántara. It is a 20th century building that follows the traditional model of an Andalusian rustic style cottage (locally known as cortijo). During decades, it was used as a private residence for two families and was remodelled into a Forest Ranger house. Nowadays, it is a derelict building.

Paved road and forest pathways

The journey begins on a paved uphill road that runs from La Garnatilla towards a pine forest. Then, the path links up into a forest trail that provides an interesting mix of Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) and cluster pine (Pinus pinaster) trees. After that, the path will take you to a hairpin bend and after passing two junctions that must be taken to the right, the trail continues through the forest path until you reach the ruins of the Cortijo Burgos, surrounded by a landscape of carob trees. Leaving the Cortijo Burgos behind, continue across the forest trail until you reach the Cortijo Alcántara.  After a few metres walking, you will find the Lújar-Jolúcar crossroads where the pathway comes to an end.


Cortijo Burgos
Cortijo Alcántara


The village of La Garnatilla.


Near the guardhouse “La Pingana”, few metres from the Lújar-Jolúcar crossroads.

Alternative Route: 

One kilometre from the end of the trail, before the cell tower and after passing the Cortijo de Alcántara, you will find a downhill path which leads into the “Sierra del Conjuro” trail.

Minimum height: 
289 m
Maximum height: 
722 m