Rutas Agroturísticas

The company Green Guide offers you a chance to experience a wide range of activities where you can visit local plantations, greenhouses, seedbeds and agricultural cooperatives.

Drop by Casa de los Bates to explore the botanical gardens of a unique colonial small palace from the 19th century which offers rural visits with an opportunity to taste seasonal products. Just a few steps away from Motril, you will find Finca la Zafra, one of the last remaining sugarcane plantations in Andalusia where you will get involved in all levels of  sugar cane production, from sowing through to harvest, reaping and finally enjoy a delicious sugar cane tasting. Full details can be found in our Agrotourism Guidebook with additional information on local vegetable gardens and subtropical crops as well as floriculture.

2.30h - 4.00h

This route shows the tradition and the expansion of the tropical and intensive agriculture in the Coast of Granada and its influence on the way of life of the inhabitants of the area; present and future of...