Beach of Carchuna
3 814 m
Average Width: 
60 m
214 000 m2
Grey medium sand and gravel
Swimming Conditions: 
Calm waters and moderate waves in the area of La Chucha.
Degree of development: 
43 225 pax
Occupation level: 
Playa Carchuna
18730 Carchuna GR

It is a 4 km long (3 miles) beach that extends from the Sacratif Cape to a small leaning tower locally known as “El Farillo”.
A sandy beach with deep, crystal clear water, and a varied marine life population which makes it the ideal place for fishing enthusiasts.
Wave conditions also make this beach a paradise for practising board sports and sailing such as surfing or windsurfing.
With easy access from the N-340 road, this beach is situated in a quiet residential area with a hotel and a beachside campsite.
The beach is frequently crowded during the summer mornings and it is the perfect place for afternoon strolls along the coast while gazing at a stunning sunset set against Sacratif lighthouse.
There, you will find a seaside castle that served as a military fortress to protect the coast from pirate attacks.

Access and car parks: 

Road access: Easy access from N-340 road from different directions.
Pedestrian access: It is easily provided from the sandy promenade area and from different beach walkways located along the beach.
Public transport: Regular bus services
Car parks: There are 2 accessible car parking spaces at the area of La Chucha and the residential area of La Perla.


Accessible areas: 

During the swimming season, there are two fully operational and well-equipped designated access points for people with limited mobility at the area of La Chucha and the residential area of La Perla with:

  • Reserved car parks
  • Wide beach walkways
  • Fully adapted showers
  • Accessible drinking fountains
  • Fully accessible toilets
  • Accessible Tourist Information and Lifeguard modules.
  • Amphibious chairs at Lifeguard modules


Public facilities: 
  • Lifeguard and First Aid modules
  • Security (Local Police)
  • Swimming area signs, buoy-marked zone and lanes for nautical activities
  • Daily cleaning service (beach cleaning machines, beach cleaning vessels and manual cleaning), bins, rubbish sorting bins,  rubbish skip for boats
  • Daily maintenance service
  • Beach walkways access
  • Tourist Information Service.
  • Showers
  • Drinking fountains
  • Toilet modules and toilets adapted for people with limited mobility.
  • Information signs which include code of conduct pictograms
  • Information panels of protected plant species
  • Beach football courts
  • Beach volleyball courts
  • Table tennis area
  • Barbecue area
  • Accessible shady areas
  • Shady areas for different uses.
  • Leisure and environmental activities  during the swimming season


  • Chiringuitos ( beachfront bars)
  • Kiosks  (refreshments, ice cream, etc )
  • Beach umbrellas and deck chairs for rent
  • Nautical activities
  • Hotel
  • First class camp site
  • Leisure: sport, cultural and environmental activities